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Where to Find Katherine

You can find Katherine's coaching website at Your Unique Expression.

In partnership with other IAM Way Coaches, she also creates guided meditation programs at
The Meditation Way. Meditation makes life better!

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada, you can find out about local workshops and
 events for writers and speakers at Sunshine Coast Speakers.

Clients Talking About Katherine's Work

"Katherine has a talent for building up and challenging people. She has the ability to make people feel safe - while pushing them off the high dive. She enables us to tap into the better person we can be while nurturing the restless soul we currently are."
Weegee Sachtjen
Writer, Speaker and Blogger

"Katherine introduced me to a power that I had within me that I never knew existed. Now I am much more confident and I'm attracting more people of higher calibre to my business. My life has opened up on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Thank you for reconnecting me with the power and expression of my true essence. There is no money or value or price that can be put on this teaching.”

Georgi Georgi

Sharing with Love Coaching

"Katherine, thank you so much for the course. It was more than I expected, and it included things I wasn’t even aware that I needed. It brought me insights that will help me personally, professionally, and in my relationship. It’s as if life was a jigsaw puzzle where I had some pieces missing that I didn’t even know were missing. It gave me the pieces that are the components of my voice and how I project my SELF." 

Connie Russert

"As a coach, it was always easier to observe a loss of power in others than to recognize it in myself. What I wanted in coaching with Katherine was to know how I could make a difference, and what I learned was how to just show up. I am experimenting, experiencing, evolving, exploding into an untapped resource within myself."
Sandy Wrightman

The Granny Brigade

"In Katherine's seminar, an idea I had only experienced in an abstract form became a tangible and emotional reality. I became aware that no one’s voice was greater than or lesser than mine. Through feeling the resonance of the group I understood that in being part of a whole, individuality is not lessened, it’s enhanced.” 
L Colella, 
Emotional Intuitive

"I appreciated the love and care that Katherine put into our Emotion Code sessions as they unfolded. I appreciated the simple and empowering aspect of the process; that once the old emotional hurts around specific memories had been identified, they were cleared - PERIOD! I'm experiencing a new sense of lightness and clarity - of ease and grace - and for that, I am truly grateful."
Nathen Aswell
Creator and Performer of "Conscious Pop” Music

Katherine, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wouldn't you like to visit Germany and teach here?

Katherine Scott

Feminine Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner,
Certified IAM Way Trainer

Singer Songwriter, Lifelong Learner,
Meditator, and Visionary

Get in Touch

To find out more, visit one of Katherine's websites, or contact her directly by clicking on this link.

A Little More About Katherine

I stand for making a world that works for everyone and yes, we can make it so.

I stand for dissolving the patriarchy and freeing  everyone to fully express their unique creativity without bounds.

I stand for going slow to go fast in
every aspect of life.

I stand for the universe being abundant and believe that there is way more good in the
world than we know or hear about.

Katherine Speaking About Presence

"What most impressed me about Katherine as a speaker was the manner in which she was able to use the energy in the room to bring her audience along with her, to first feel her presence, then to accept that she could deliver the experience of presence for others. While she was speaking, I noticed a flow of energy that radiated outward through her words and her body language to make her message heard, but more importantly, to make it felt. It was like a curve that wasmoving outward from Katherine and she was on the leading edge of it. What a strong connection with the audience! 

Gradually, it became clear that Katherine had become the manifestation of the power of presence and the impact it would have for us." Greg Lewis



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